A Man’s 30th Birthday Party Ideas in Las Vegas

Here is the best places for men 30th birthday party ideas in Las Vegas.


The 2.5 mile long central area of Las Vegas Boulevard, which runs through the city from northeast to southeast, famous as the Strip, is lined with big fun palaces, many built with a defining theme and house to performance venues, fine dining and luxury hotel rooms. The strip is particularly amazing at night, when the city is illuminated by a stunning succession of glittering neon signs.

Fremont Street

In old downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is a pedestrian-just area with all types of special sites. A 5-block section of Fremont Street is covered over with a canopy of LED lights that light up the sky in a spectacle of different designs and colors as you walk below. Called as the Fremont Street Experience, each night at a wonderful music and visual show takes place overhead. Street performers and unique fun acts generally perform outdoor in this area. This place is in such close proximity to have a great time during the day or evening but it’s also a great proximity to bring girls over from sapphire nightclub whereas these Las Vegas strippers are absolutely amazing there close by and I’ll definitely come over to entertain all of your guests and the birthday boy. Fremont street is downtown Las Vegas, a few kilometers from the strip. It is top to take a taxi to reach this place.

The Venetian hotel

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is placed on the strip, across the treasure Island. It is one of the city’s perfect resorts and has many amazing visitor attractions. Within a themed shopping arcade built to resemble the city of Venice, complete with canals, blue skies, and gondoliers. The hotel also specs recreations of the big attractions found in Venice, such as the Bridge of Sights and Rialto Bridge, along with many others.

Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower

Placed on the Strip, Paris Las Vegas is one of the most simply recognized resorts in the city. 46 stories above the city streets, the Eiffel Tower experience is a watch deck with wonderful 360-degree views. One story below this is romantic and posh Eiffel Tower Restaurant, with perfect views out over the strip and across to the dancing fountains of Bellagio.Also on the asset is a mock warm air balloon festooned with flashing lights and neon.

Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium

The big 1,300,000 gallon tank holds a big range of fish, sharks, reptiles, rays, and marine invertebrates. Approximately hundred sharks from fifteen different species and more than 2,000 animals in all are on show. The Shark Tunnel is the most amazing spec. Accredited by the Association of Aquariums and Zoos, Shark Reef works with wildlife biologists to preserve endangered marine and lake populations as well as rehabilitate wounded animals.